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Adapting to the unstoppable march of AI

How will leaders adapt to workplace cultures ruled by AI? Mindbeat’s Head of Client and Product Development, Jessica Bellwood offers five...

The beating heart of Mindbeat

Did you know that in 2021, only 2% of all awarded capital in the UK went to female-founded businesses? Mindbeat’s...

Key Challenges Facing Leaders in the Retail Sector

To receive your free copy of our latest Mindbeat Insights report, please email S[email protected]. The findings in our Key Challenges...

Four challenges for retail leaders and how coaching is providing the solutions

According to Mindbeat’s global network of coaches, retail leaders struggle with long-term planning,  innovation, collaboration and professional development. Our Partnerships...

How to make the last quarter of the year count in business

Mindbeat’s head of client and product development, Jessica Bellwood discusses a medal-winning strategy for keeping performance high and teams focused...

Feature update: Group coaching scheduling made easy with Mindbeat

Did you know that group coaching is now even easier on the Mindbeat platform with our improved scheduling tool? Participants...

Meet a Mindbeat coach: Søren Holm

Mindbeat is privileged to offer a global network of expert coaches. In the first of a new series of interviews...

Are your new hire attrition rates costing your organisation dearly?

Mindbeat’s head of client and product development, Jessica Bellwood discusses the importance of strategic onboarding and reveals plans for new...

How to lead in uncertain times

There’s no denying we are facing a time of great uncertainty.  Ongoing war in Ukraine, looming recession, climate fear, and...

Our experience with Mindbeat and its coaches has been fantastic. Knowing that our Managers’ roles and needs are diverse and that a one-size-fits-all approach would not work, Mindbeat customised our programme on the platform to enable a tailored and personalised approach. We are so excited to continue working with them in the future.

Sarah Mamo, HR Manager
Alf Mizzi & Sons Marketing

My coaching sessions were highly interactive and I found them to be very valuable, discussing real life challenges and finding ways to overcome them. I found the reading material and activities shared by Mindbeat very supportive to my goals – they were spot on.

Senior Manager, Retail and Wealth Management

“One of the (if not the) strongest partnership approaches I’ve had the pleasure of being involved in. Thank you Mindbeat for your support.”

Becky Craig, Head of People Engagement & Development

The sessions were held online through the Mindbeat platform and everything worked perfectly throughout all of my sessions. The overall experience has simply been a fantastic one!

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