Supporting leaders in unprecedented times

If you are finding yourself in crisis mode and are looking for ways to better support yourself and your team in a new, remote working world, we want to help.

Getting through this together

We are in uncharted waters with the arrival of Covid-19. Many of us may have worked from home before – but never like this. The rapid transition to home working means increased pressure to quickly establish new ways of being at our best… and new ways of leading and motivating our remote teams, in a context of heightened stress levels. All this while continuing to drive business continuity or survival as the crisis unfolds around us all.

Here at Mindbeat we want to help. We have created a unique online 6 week coaching programme that specialises in supporting and bringing the best out of you and your remote teams during these most challenging times.

Our Coaches

While the internet is awash with helpful tips and articles on working remotely, nothing beats having access to a well matched, professional coach. Our coaches are hand picked for their outstanding track record, depth of insight and excellent coaching skills combined with specialised experience in remote leadership and working. We have a 99% success rate in matching coaches with Mindbeat members.

Strengthen your remote readiness and productivity

Getting started with Mindbeat:

Easily on board yourself and your people

Our welcome email starts members on their Mindbeat journey and guides them through the platform. Forget about passwords and security by enabling our Single Sign-On option.

coaching sessions

Members get three, 1:1 coaching sessions with their Mindbeat coach.

learning content

In between sessions employees receive regular, bite-sized bursts of information and inspiration to fuel their learning and build the right habits.

Measure impact
and productivity

Our progress reports let you know how your leadership team is progressing through their journey.

Choose a better way of leading and working remotely


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